LOVE My New Crafting Toy!!

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I have “seen” a lot of talk lately online about a newer stamping tool called the MISTI–Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented–so I needed to see for myself what all the fuss was about.  Well, the fuss is well deserved, in my opinion!  The MISTI allows you to stamp multiple images or re-stamp an image with perfect alignment.  Here are some pictures showing this amazing tool in action.


This is what the MISTI looks like in its closed position.



And this is what it looks like when open.


I cut a bunch of images to match the Jolly Holidays stamp set by Close To My Heart.  Sometimes it is challenging to stamp evenly on a cut image, even with the clear stamps and acrylic blocks.  But the MISTI makes it SOOO easy!


Just position your shape on the left side of the MISTI.  Either line it up against the edges or trace around the shape on the removable grid paper so all of your shapes line up exactly the same.


Then lay your stamp on top of the paper shape lined up exactly to match the shape.


Close the right side of the MISTI over the stamp and press to attach.  Very strong magnets come with the MISTI to help hold larger pieces in place, but I did not use them for this project.


Now you can see the paper image to be stamped positioned on the left side of the MISTI and the stamp attached to the right side.



Now all you have to do is apply ink to the stamp, close the MISTI, and the image will be perfectly stamped!

IMG_3011 IMG_3012

Voila!  A perfectly stamped image!  But if your stamping is not as perfect as you’d like, all you have to do is open the MISTI, re-ink the stamp and press it closed again.  Since nothing changes position, your second stamping should align perfectly with your first!


I was able to stamp all these shapes with no alignment problems using the amazing MISTI!  It was easy and fast and best of all, I didn’t have to worry about uneven stamping.  I LOVE this new stamping tool and can see many uses, especially when doing multiple stamping of the same image.  I can see using it for single images on a Cricut cut as well.

I purchased the MISTI from My Sweet Petunia.  It was a little pricey, but I think it will be well worth the money in the ease and accuracy of stamping!  Two Thumbs Up!!

Have a wonderful weekend!   Laurie

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  1. Thanks for showing us your new stamping tool! I have seen the MISTI at a scrapbook retreat and think it would be great to have. I am new to following your blog and love the creations you post!!

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