It’s Almost Eclipse Time!!

Note:  Edited with the correct spelling of “Eclipse”– not sure how that one got by my little pea brain!!

Hello Friends!

I’m sure you have all heard about the solar eclipse that will be passing over the U.S. on August 21.  Well, here in Southeast Nebraska we are especially excited since we are right in the middle of the Path of Totality!  There are viewing parties planned, a whole weekend of community events and not a hotel room to be found in the area.  So of course I had to create a scrapbook layout to commemorate this once in a lifetime event.

I did lots of designing on Design Space since there are really no images available for a solar eclipse on Cricut Access.  I used paper from the new Adventure Fundamentals collection because I thought the ombre design represented the gradual move to darkness that we will see that day.  I inserted a large circle to cover the sun image and sliced the text in that circle since I really dislike gluing down small letters!  The other words were also sliced into the shapes so the background shows through.

I’m sure I will have lots more photos than just the four shown on these layouts.  My plan is to add 4 x 6 Flip Flaps wherever needed to hold the extra photos.  I didn’t do any of my usual overlapping of photo mats this time to allow room to attach those Flip Flaps.

I hope you are all excited about the eclipse too!  Take some time to savor this miracle of nature!  Laurie

3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Eclipse Time!!

  1. This is a great layout to remember the events of this exciting natural phenomenon. Is it possible for you to squeeze an S between the P and E in the title?

    • Oh, Ann, thanks so much for pointing out my spelling goof! I’m so embarrassed since usually I’m quite anal about spelling and grammar. I just can’t figure out how I spent all that time designing, slicing, gluing and photographing without noticing. Again, THANK YOU!!

      • Hey, I know… it’s easy to do. Ask me how I know. Just don’t ask my trashcan where many of my boo-boos have languished. Now that you are aware of it, feel free to delete my comment. No need to feel embarrassed… it happens to us all. Now go and enjoy making preps for the “big event”…. 🙂

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