How to clean your Cricut mats

Since I became a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant last November, I have been trying out the products on various stains and hard to clean items.  I have removed spots on my carpet that have been there for months and which no other cleaner could budge, simply by using an Enviro cloth and water.  I have easily cleaned the exterior of my greasy oven with Ultra Power Plus (UPP) detergent diluted in water and an Enviro cloth.  I cleaned the filter under my microwave by soaking it in UPP and warm water.  I also cleaned my (self-cleaning) oven in the middle of January with Oven and Grill Cleaner, and it only took about 20 minutes!  Didn’t need to open the windows and ventilate the fumes because I used a non-toxic cleaner!

Despite all the fabulous results I’ve discovered with my Norwex products around the house, I was determined to find a use for them in relation to crafting.  Well, I found it!!  I decided to experiment with Cleaning Paste, UPP, the kitchen scrub cloth, and the spirisponge on a dirty old Cricut mat.  First I tried a dab of Cleaning Paste and a damp scrub cloth on one corner.  It took about the same amount of effort to remove the gunk as other methods I’ve tried in the past.  Next I used UPP diluted in water and the spirisponge.  I let the solution sit on the mat for a few minutes to soften up the gunk before attacking it with the spirisponge.  It still took a little bit of scrubbing to clean the residue off the mat, but the UPP did a better job of cleaning away all the old adhesive and paper fibers than any other method I’ve tried before!  Once the mat dried it still retained some of its tackiness, but you’ll probably want to add your favorite adhesive to re-stick your mats to suit your needs.

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Cricut mat cleaned with UPP collage