Close To My Heart Cardstock is the BEST!!

Hello Friends!

I have been touting the benefits of Close To My Heart cardstock ever since I started using it a few years ago.  Now it is my EXCLUSIVE cardstock to use whenever I need to cut with my Cricut!

Since there is a 25% off sale on all CTMH cardstock during June, I thought it might be fun to do a little experiment to show you why I love this product for Cricut cutting so much!  I cut the same intricate peacock in brand name paper from another company and cardstock from Close To My Heart using the same mat and settings to compare.  Check out my results!

I think it’s pretty obvious from the photos of my “experiment” that Close To My Heart cardstock cuts extremely well in the Cricut.  If you want consistent, smooth, crisp cuts from your Cricut, even on intricate designs, then don’t waste your time and money on cheaper cardstock!  Use frustration-free Close To My Heart cardstock and get it for 25% off during the month of June!

Shop HERE to get your Close To My Heart products.  I sure appreciate your business!   Laurie

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